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Lifetime Warranty


Sign up below, and register for ONE FREE replacement, valid forever, as part of our commitment to our customers' satisfaction. (Terms apply*)

When you Click on the above button, you will be taken to a Facebook Messenger. Click on "Get Started" and initiate the Registration Process.


We have shifted our Warranty Registration and Claiming procedure to Facebook Messenger to give you quick service. 


NOTE: You can submit a warranty claim here. Please keep your order number handy. 

Terms and Conditions

crocnfrog offers lifetime warranty for registered orders beginning 2018 March. Warranty is provided as a product replacement in the form of a 99% coupon code to the customer. Customer handles any standard shipping/handling fees that may be levied by Amazon or our web store.

Registration is required to qualify for a warranty claim. Registration needs to be done within 3 months of purchase of the product. Products registered post 3 months will not be eligible for the claims. All claims have to be submitted through this form. Each customer is entitled to one claim per product ordered. 

Heavily discounted, returned, and/or refunded products are not eligible for Lifetime Warranty. crocnfrog reserves the right to determine eligibility for Lifetime Warranty.

Accidental damages by the customer, loss, and theft are not covered by the Warranty claim.

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