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What is a Shopping Cart Cover?

What is a Shopping Cart Cover?
Shopping cart covers are intended for children old enough to sit up (about 6 months to 4 years).

A shopping cart cover should also keep your child safely seated. The safest models feature two straps, one to secure her to the cart and the other to secure the cover to the cart.

Where do the Germs come from?
Shopping carts can harbor many germs, some of which come from previous passengers. Some kids gnaw on cart handles, touch them with dirty hands, or wear a leaky diaper while sitting in a cart. Other shoppers leave germs on cart handles, too, sometimes even from the blood of raw meat. Blood from raw meat can carry salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter, and can infect children who chew on or touch cart handles and then put their fingers in their mouth.


Cleanliness issues aside, shopping cart covers can make for a cozy ride for the very young. If that’s important to you, go with a cover that has ample padding and provides good cart coverage (no exposed metal or plastic).

You can find good resource on buying guide for shopping cart cover for your baby’s safety, protection and

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Why choose our Shopping cart cover?
Days Out with Your Baby just got Easier!


Between carrying the necessary supplies and keeping your baby entertained, moms-on-the-go know how difficult a simple day out can be! Add in unhygienic shopping carts and baby chairs found at most stores and restaurants, and a day with your child turns into a hassle.

For a day out that's fun and easy, look no further than highchair covers and shopping cart covers for baby by Croc N Frog!


By offering full coverage that fits most shopping cart and highchair sizes, you can keep your baby clean and safe. This grocery cart cover features a strong belt for total safety while your child is seated. 2-toy loops and a vinyl pocket that holds your smart phone keeps your baby entertained and occupied. For extra convenience, we added an accessory pocket and a bottle strap. To make this an irresistible offer, Elegance shopping cart cover order includes 2 bonus gifts: A pair of stroller hooks that allows you to effortlessly hang your purse or diaper bag, and the Fun Game Ideas eBook, which is filled with great family bonding activities.


Croc N Frog team is always working to create fun, safe products for your child. Our Baby Shopping Cart Cover is made of premium fabric, and features ultra soft padding. To make things even better, it folds into a pouch for easy carrying and is machine washable! With two whimsical patterns, our shopping cart covers for baby boy or girl are too good to resist!


Why Choose Our Infant Cart Cover?

  1. Cart cover keeps your child clean and comfortable. 

  2. Entertains and occupies your little one. 

  3. Includes a pair of stroller hooks and eBook. 

  4. Made of durable, high quality fabric. 

  5. Cart cover is machine washable.​

Try Today Risk Free with Our Lifetime Warranty!

Order Your Grocery Cart Cover for Baby Now and Make Trips Around Town a Breeze!

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